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Item: Adenium arabicum 'Shelia Collenete' Rooted cutting


Origin: Seed from Jabal Shada, Saudi Arabia. Collected by Sheila Collenette, the renowned 20th century plant explorer.


Plant form: A spreading shrub to 6 feet tall and 8 feet wide with a massive caudex and swollen main branches.


Flower: Small and star-shaped, 45 mm diameter; petal width 12 mm. Petals light pink with narrow dark pink edge. Throat pale white to yellowish with prominent red nectar guides. Blooms profusely in spring.


Notes:  Jabal Shada is a large mountain that has both shrubby and arborescent adeniums, as well as frost-pruned dwarfs at high elevation.


Shipping: Shipped bare-root.

Adenium "arabicum" 'Shelia Collenete'



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