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Rooted Cutting

Parentage: Adenium "arabicum", wild collection.

Origin: The original plant has been grown in India since at least the 1930s. Probably collected on the Aden Peninsula of Yemen (Dimmitt & Edwards 2021).

Plant form: A small spreading shrub with a relatively massive caudex. Deciduous; seems to require a dry winter rest. Slow growing.

Flower: Round; 65 mm diameter x 26 mm petal width, dark pink to light red depending on temperature(?), fading to pink at throat. Throat yellowish with light red nectar guides. Blooms profusely in spring while leafless. Self fertile; most seedlings strongly resemble the parent.

Notes: Named for the original plant's present owner, Ashish Hansoti. This is one parent of the Fat Guys strain, a uniform grex of dwarf plants with big caudexes. Jabal Shamsan on the Aden Peninsula is the type locality for A. "arabicum"



Shipped bare-root

Adenium arabium 'Hansoti Dwarf'

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