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Size: Rooted cutting 6"-12"


Parentage: Adenium "obesum" x "arabicum") complex hybrid. (A. "obesum' 'Red Henny 4n' x 'Prolific Behemoth')


Creator: Dimmitt 2012


Plant form: Vigorous, upright shrub with large caudex. Can grow to 5 feet tall by 4 feet wide in 5 years. Evergreen and capable of growing year-round in tropical conditions. Tetraploid.


Flower: Large, round, 94 mm diameter x 40 mm petal width. Outer half of petals deep pink to medium-red depending on temperature, fading to pale pink near throat. Throat yellow with prominent red nectar guides. Flowers age to pink. Blooms several times a year.


Notes:  This cultivar roots readily from cuttings and grows fast.

Adenium 'Pink Elephant'



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