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Item: Adenium 'OMG!' Double Graft


Parentage: Complex Adenium crispum x "obesum" hybrid (MAD588 x 'Hansoti Pink')


Creator: Dimmitt, 2013


Plant form: Small, erect shrub (usually taller than wide) with fairly sturdy stems. The original seedling is slow-growing and has almost no caudex. Grafted plants are vigorous; they need pruning to encourage branching. Evergreen and active except for a short winter rest.


Flower: Circular, 63 mm diameter x 35 mm petal width. Petals white, almost completely obscured by a wide lavender margin and a large red central blotch that breaks into numerous purple streaks that extend nearly to the edges. Throat white with very prominent nectar guides. Blooms repeatedly almost year round except for midwinter.


Shipping: Shipped bare-root.

Adenium 'OMG!'

SKU: 0352052224


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