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Adenium 'Strawberry Sundae' (Graft 564)


Parentage: Adenium crispum x "obesum" complex hybrid.

MAD564 = A. "obesum" 'Daeng Siam' x 'Peppermint'

MAD668 - A. 'Beauty Baby' x 'MAD487'


Creator: Dimmitt 2009 & 2010


Plant form: Both clones fairly large spreading shrubs with fairly sturdy branches, small caudexes, and large roots. Tend to be evergreen.


Flower: Both clones round, large, 80-85 mm diameter x 30 mm petal width. Petals white with wide bright red border and central red blotches and streaks. Throats yellow with very faint nectar guides. Bloom profusely two or three times a year.


Notes: These two clones have unrelated parents but are nearly indistinguishable, so have been given the same cv. name.


Shipped bare-root

Adenium 'Strawberry Sundae'

SKU: 0604230200


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