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Adenium 'Tetra Splash'


Parentage: Adenium "obesum" x "arabicum" x crispum complex hybrid

('Beautiful Loser' x 'MAD 743')


Creator: Dimmitt 2013


Plant form: Medium-sized, upright shrub with good caudex. Grows to about 4 feet tall and 3 feet wide in 10 years. Evergreen. Tetraploid.


Flower: Round, 100 mm diameter x 46 mm petal width. Petals white with large red center blotch and narrow red edge. Throat yellow with faint nectar guides. Blooms several times a year.


Notes: This clone grows easily from cuttings; no need to graft. 


Shipped bare-root

Adenium 'Tetra Splash'

SKU: 0731230346


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