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Item: Adenium 'Golden Sun' (Graft)


Parentage: Adenium "obesum"


Creator: Unknown, Taiwan before 2008.


Plant form: Known only on grafts, it's a medium-sized shrub with very weak stems.


Flower: Quite large, round: 97 mm diameter x 45 mm petal width. Petals white with broad deep red margin. Throat white with a few prominent nectar guides.


Notes: There were already several cultivars with very similar flowers by 2008, and all that I saw had weak stems. This is pure A. "obesum", not A. multiflorum, because it blooms during the warm season while in leaf. Some vendors erroneously sell such plants with picoteed flowers as multiflorum.


Shipping: Shipped bare-root.

Adenium 'Golden Sun'

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